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TOEFL Vocabulary: Nouns

Stress the 1st Syllable of These Nouns. Study, Then Practice Below.

caution: safety, related to being safe

Please use caution when working with that machine.

challenge: a difficulty that a person deals with, used in positive ways.
She likes challenges. They help her learn and grow.

core: center or basic part of something
Seeds are near the core of an apple.
She did exercises for her core: her stomach and hips.

course: a class, also a route, either by road or symbolically, similar to "track"
He is taking a difficult physics course.
He is on a new course. He has a new job and new friends.

crack: a rip or tear in something hard, such as rock or concrete
There were many large cracks in the sidewalk. It needed repair.

harvest: the time when fruits and vegetables are ripe and they are taken from the fields.

This is the time of harvest. Everything is ripe.
intrigue: drama, mystery and suspense
The movie had a lot of intrigue. The main character was a spy who betrayed her friends.

mirror: a place where you see your reflection, anything symbolic of reflection
She sees her age in the mirror. She cannot deny her many years.

particle: a very small biological thing
There are many particles of dust in the air. I feel like I will sneeze.

Stress the 2nd Syllable

abroad: out of one's native country

We're going abroad next year. We plan to visit Japan and China.

advice: words given to assist another person
I welcome your advice. Any ideas you have could help me to make a wise decision.

Stress the 3rd Syllable

disapproval: dislike or lack of acceptance
He expressed his disapproval of the new governor's budget.


Practice Using These Nouns (the answers are at the bottom of the page)

1. I think you are on the right ___________. Everything seems right.

2. The _____________ was wonderful. There were many large and healthy foods.

3. The biologist examined specimens from the pond in a microscope. He found many interesting ______________.

4. I won't give you ________________ about marriage. You have to figure things out for yourself.

5. There were many _______________ in the stone wall. It needed repair.

6. He faced many _______________ when starting his new job. He had to learn fast and prove himself.

7. Do use ______________ when crossing the street. Drivers are often distracted.

8. We're travelling _______________ this summer. We will visit Amsterdam.

9. Life does not have to be full of ________________. You can live simply, without too many difficulties.

10. She placed a ______________ on her dressing table.

11. She spoke with ________________ about the tax increase.

12. Many people do exercises on their __________. It helps when the center of the body is strong.

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Answers: 1. course, 2. harvest, 3. particles, 4. advice, 5. cracks, 6. challenges, 7. caution, 8. abroad, 9. intrigue, 10. mirror, 11., disapproval,12. core

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