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500 Words Extra Practice: Short I Sounds

This reading passage has many words with short I from the 500 words list.
Remember to make this sound very different from the long E.
Keep your lips are relaxed. Think of the short I as a low sound.
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The Gifted Teacher

The teacher at the daycare had many activities for the little children. They played "Listen to the Story." She asked them simple questions to make them think about it. She had them build a ship using comic strips. Then they put  big and little animals into the ship. They also made some pretty interesting fish from the comic strip paper. They put the fish inches from the ship. After they finished with the ship, they drew a picture of a city with many stick figures of people. They practiced writing by making lists of things which city people do. This teacher kept the little children busy from the beginning of class to the last minute of class. She told them she would give them gifts if they were good. Since they were, she gave each child six little stickers.


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