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Business Communication: Careful Conversation

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For clear communication or for conflict situations, it is helpful to use this communication strategy:
  • Speak your mind
  • Listen carefully to the other person's response
  • Speak your understanding of what the other person said
  • Respond
People often forget to listen when busy or determined. However, careful listening is a skill that takes practice. If you have not frequently used the strategy above, you will find that it takes effort to hear and rephrase the other person's ideas.

Benefits of Careful Conversation
  • Your repetition of another's ideas demonstrates your respect
  • You will be sure you understand the other person
  • If you tend to make decisions too quickly, this slows you down
  • It is easier to find points of compromise
Example Conversation:

Jan: Our advertising campaign hasn't been working very well. I think we need to network with more community based organizations--as we discussed six months ago. I still think that method will work.
Steve: I don't think networking with community based organizations will work that well. Though more people may hear about our company, they may not have the money to buy our products. A lot of people who utilize community organizations are saving money by belonging to them. I think we need to spend money on large billboard signs.
Jan: So you are saying that the people who use community organizations may not have a lot of money. That's true. On the other hand, we may be able to market our lower-priced items to these potential customers. Also, some organizations are more prestigious and attract people with money. Billboard signs are very expensive.
Steve: It's true that some community organizations are prestigious. We could network with those places. We might be able to do that and some billboard advertising--since billboards may create a faster response ...

* * * Extra Tip * * *
Use the Careful Conversation technique to improve your pronunciation. Choose a friend or coworker with good speech.
Listen carefully and repeat a few important words when you respond. Try to imitate the sounds you heard.

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