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TOEFL vocabulary practice. Study the words and answer questions below.

Practice reading the vocabulary in a story: The Walrus.

Astounding (uh-STOUNDing): adj--amazing, surprising and great

The circus performers had some astounding acts.
Mt. Everest is astounding. Most hikers cannot make it to the top.

Gigantic (jīGANtic): adj--very big, huge

The blue whale is a gigantic mammal.
That roller coaster is gigantic. Let's try it!

Hue (HYOO): noun--a particular color, a shade of a color

Let's paint the walls with a light green hue.
The shirt has a dark purple hue.

Spacious (SPĀshus): adj--having a lot of space or room

This playground is very spacious. There is a lot of room to run around and there are lots of swingsets.
This living room is spacious! It's not crowded with furniture.

Worthwhile (wurth-wile): adj-- deserving of your time, good overall

The books were very worthwhile. They taught us a lot.
Our trip to the museum was worthwhile. We saw some beautiful pictures.

Practice: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. The water is amazing! I have never seen water with such a beautiful blue _____________.

2. I thought my dog was big, but yours is ______________________.

3. I think our hiking trip will be _____________________. We should learn a lot about the flowers and animals.

4. This pool is very _____________________. There is plenty of room to swim.

5. That show was ____________________! The dancers were really great.

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Answers: 1. hue, 2. gigantic, 3. worthwhile, 4. spacious, 5. astounding

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