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English Classes with Skype

English Pronunciation and Grammar Classes

Take live classes with an instructor using Skype. Focus on English pronunciation, grammar, test prep (TOEFL or USMLE) or a combination of these. Read student comments about taking an English course online. Review pages on this site used in beginning, intermediate and advanced English classes. Here are the class options:

10 Minutes

first class for new students. Find out if English classes work for you.

.5 or 1 hour only

Meet the instructor for half hour or 1 hour. Discuss your English language needs. Get instruction on how to practice.

4 hours

Meet for half hour or 1 hour each time. Work on the English pronunciation and/or grammar that you need most.

8 hours or
Set goals with the instructor and create a schedule.
Choose half hour, 1 hour or more per class to fit your goals and budget.
Get an English evaluation at the beginning of each week.
The instructor uses pages from this site to help you improve your skills.
Online homework is given to students who want to practice between classes.
During the final class, the instructor will review your progress.

Start Your English Classes

Schedule Your First Class Now

Review Prices and Pay Online

Meet the Main Instructor

Read student comments about taking an English course online to see what you can learn.

Does Skype Work Well?

Skype works very well for private classes. Instant messaging allows the instructor to send written notes on pronunciation or grammar. The messaging is saved on skype. That means you can review notes from former classes easily.

You can also take shorter classes with skype. If you are a student or professional and you sometimes speak publicly, you can take .5 hour (half hour) classes to review important material for your presentations in a timely way. Or you can take a .5 hour class each morning and get intensive instruction without a huge price or daily commute. You can still take longer classes as well. Overall, you have the flexibility to create a schedule that truly works for you.

What You Need for Skype

Most students feel skype classes are as good as in-person classes--or even better because of the time saved. You can use skype to talk to distant friends and family as well.

For good video quality, you need a high speed cable internet connection. With wireless connections, the video is usually not very good. For video, you also need a webcam. Many new computers come with these. If not, you can buy a good quality webcam for about $40. You also need a microphone and speakers. Again, many computers have these built in, but if yours does not, buy a headset. You can get one for $20-$30 dollars. To buy a webcam and headset online, try http://frys.com/ or http://www.bestbuy.com/.

You can also do Skype classes by voice-only. Most newer laptops will work for this, since you do not need a high speed cable connection. A microphone and speakers are usually built into the laptop. Or your cell phone may have video ability which you can use with the Skype app.

See what you can do: download Skype.

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