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English Speaking Classes at the University of Washington

Improve your English speaking skills with evening classes at the UW. Study pronunciation sounds, pronunciation stress patterns, casual speech with idioms, and conversational grammar. All of these courses are designed to give you lots of speaking practice.
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Call 206-915-4618 to discuss these classes with the instructor or send an email to admin(at)speakmethod(dot)com.

Schedule for All English Courses

Course Weekday Time Course Dates
English Idioms: 100 Expressions
8:00pm - 9:00pm
July 6th - August 10th
English Pronunciation Now: Speak Clearly
7:00pm - 8:30pm
July 5th -  August 9th
English Grammar: Verb Tenses
7:00pm - 8:00pm
July 6th - August 10th
All courses meet one day per week for 6 weeks.

English Pronunciation Now: Speak Clearly

If you are from another country, take this class to fully understand the sounds and stresses of standard American English. Some letters change in pronunciation from one language to another: R, L, Th, A, I and more. We also work on syllable stress and word stress to help you sound like a natural, fluent speaker. Using word lists and practice exercises, you can develop the understanding that you need to improve your pronunciation.

Register Online: https://depts.washington.edu/asuwxpcl/courses/course.php?id=17

English Idioms: 100 Casual Expressions

Casual American English has many interesting expressions! When your friend needs to relax, you can say "lighten up!" If your plans are "not set in stone," they might change. If you go to a "mom 'n pop" store, you are visiting a small store run by local people. American TV shows and movies are full of these expressions. Take this class to learn 100 casual phrases. This will improve your listening skills and help you to sound more fluent. During each class, we practice the idioms by creating conversations and stories.

Register Online: https://depts.washington.edu/asuwxpcl/courses/course.php?id=24

English Grammar: Speak with the Right Verb Tenses

If you are an international person in America, you probably studied English grammar. But it's not easy to remember which verb tense to use when you're speaking to people! Take this class to review simple, progressive and perfect tenses. We learn the rules and then spend most of our class time answering everyday questions that will show you how and when to use each verb form. Improve your understanding with this fun, practical grammar class!

Register Online: https://depts.washington.edu/asuwxpcl/courses/course.php?id=23

Course Fees

For each course, there is a $12 registration fee for the general public, and a $5 fee for UW students.

On the first day of class, you can pay the course fee with cash, check or charge.

Course Name Fee for General Public Fee for UW Students
English Pronunciation Now--Speak Clearly $100 $80
English Idioms: 100 Casual Expressions $70 $50
English Grammar: Speak the Verb Tenses $70 $50

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