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Practice Speaking English with the Present Perfect Tense

Use the present perfect to describe the past up to the present time. Answer the questions below. It is possible to use the past tense when answering a question in the present perfect, but for this exercise, use the present perfect in your answer. Read the examples to gain ideas about how to speak with correct grammar.


Example 1

Example 2

1. What is one thing you have achieved during the past year?
I have created a new website during this past year.
I have passed the TOEFL test and applied to several graduate schools.
2. What is one situation that you have often avoided?
I have avoided going to the mall because I want to save money.
I have avoided talking to my friend because we had an argument.
3. Name one way that you have changed during the past year.
I have become more patient and studious.
I have exercised more regularly.
4. What is one project or goal that you have completed recently?
I have painted three rooms in my house.
I have planted an herb garden in my front yard.
5. Name a new topic that you have discussed with friends or coworkers.
I have talked about our new manager and if he will be effective.
I have discussed ways that our team can improve.
6. What is one personal desire that you have fought to realize?
I have written a novel during my spare time.
I have gone back to school after ten years of working, and I'm pursuing my master's.
7. Name one person that you have forgiven lately.
I have forgiven my wife. She was being moody.
I have forgiven my father. He was too critical when I was young.
8. Name three things that you have learned during the past year.
I have learned about advertising, self-promotion and analyzing markets.
I have learned about playing guitar: having good strings, good hand positions and relaxing with the music.
9. Have you planned any trips recently?
I haven't planned any trips, but my sister has planned a trip to Italy.
I have discussed a trip to India with my husband.
10. Have you slept well lately?
I have slept deeply during the past week.
I haven't slept well. Every night, I have had a lot of dreams and woken up several times.

Bonus: Summarize this past year in some detail and use the present perfect to discuss all the things you have done.

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