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Practice Speaking English with the Present Progressive Tense

Use the present progressive to speak about things you are doing now. This includes actions that may require effort that extends into the future, such as planning a trip. For actions that extend into the future, you can usually answer with the present tense if you want.

Are you planning a trip this year?   Yes, I plan to visit Boston.    Yes, I'm planning to visit Boston.

Both of these answers are fine, and the difference in meaning is not significant. However, for this exercise, try to answer all questions using the present progressive. Review the example sentences to speak with correct grammar.


Example 1

Example 2

1. Where are you sitting right now?
I'm sitting at my desk in my office.
I'm sitting on the sofa in the living room.
2. Besides learning English, what are you thinking about?
I'm thinking about what to eat for dinner.
I'm thinking about the conversation I had with my friend.
3. Are you planning to move during the upcoming year?
Yes, I'm planning to move to Chicago.
No, I'm not moving anywhere.
4. Are you preparing for a presentation or a test? If so, what?
I'm preparing a presentation on my team's new marketing ideas.
I'm studying for the TOEFL test.
5. Are you meeting the expectations of your workplace or school?
Yes, I'm working hard.
No, I'm not making good grades right now. I need to improve.
6. Are you depending on anyone to assist you with your future goals? If so, who?
Yes, I'm depending on my husband's help while I go back to school.
No, I'm taking care of myself.
7. Are you facing any major problems right now?
My company is getting audited. I have to deal with that.
My teenage daughter is rebelling. I have long talks with her every day.
8. Are you learning any new sports or hobbies this year?
I'm taking a class on watercolors.
I'm playing soccer with a local team.
9. Are you planning any trips this year?
Yes. I'm planning to visit Los Angeles.
No. I'm trying to save money because I took several trips last year.
10. Are you getting outside regularly?
Yes, I'm going to the park about once a week.
No, I'm finishing my project and don't have time.

Bonus: Describe everything you are doing right now: what you are looking at, what you are hearing, what you are wondering, etc.

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