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English Speaking Practice: Using Should

Use the chart below to practice other common uses of should. Answer the questions--the example sentences will help you form your answers with correct grammar. Reviewing using should as a conditional word.

Speaking Practice
Example 1
Example 2

using should to request advice or gain certainty

1. Think of two questions you could ask your boss or teacher tomorrow.
Should I create a new presentation to promote our project?
Should I practice pronouncing the R sound everyday?

using should to state intention or give advice

2. Name something you think you should do later today.
I should straighten my living room.
I should go to the hardware store.

3. Name something you think someone else should do.
My brother should stop drinking excessively.
My best friend should stop worrying about her future.

using shouldn't to express disapproval

4. Rephrase your last questions to use "shouldn't."
My brother shouldn't drink excessively.
My best friend shouldn't worry about her future.

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