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Practice Speaking English with Conditionals

The conditional words, could, should, would and might often relate to uncertainty or events that may or may not occur. Think of weather conditions to remember the meaning. Review the chart below and practice answering the questions. Use the examples to help you with sentence structure. Then learn other meanings of each word: could, should, and would.


Example 1

Example 2

1. Name something that could be dangerous.
Jumping out of an airplane could be dangerous.
Investing a lot of money could be dangerous.
2. Name something that could happen during this year.
My sister could have her baby this year.
My friend could raise money for his trip overseas.
3. Name something that could be fun to do.
Bungee jumping could be exciting.
Touring Paris could be amazing.
4. What would you do if the internet failed and ceased to exist?
I would say good-bye on Facebook.
I would find out what went wrong and help to bring it back.
5. What would you do with your time if you broke your leg?
I would watch movies.
I would read the New York Times everyday.
6. What would you do if you lost your job (or had to leave your university) tomorrow?
I would take a deep breath and relax.
I would email my business connections and get to work on my resume.
7. What is something you should have done yesterday?
I should have cleaned the kitchen.
I should have studied harder for my test.
8. What is something you should have done years ago?
I should have gone back to school for my Master's degree.
I should have traveled around the world while I had time.
9. What is something you might do this week?
I might have coffee with my sister.
I might call in sick if I feel worse tomorrow.
10. What is something you might have done, but chose not to?
I might have moved to New York, but I went to California instead.
I might have achieved a doctorate, but I decided my master's was enough.
11. Think about someone you know--what might this person be doing right now?
My father might be driving home from work.
My best friend might be shopping at the mall.

Bonus: Talk about something you could or should do and that you would do if the situation was right. Describe what might happen. In other words, try to use at least 3 conditional words as you speak on one topic.

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