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Learn by Language: English Pronunciation

Chinese Speakers

This is a general course for Chinese speakers. You may need to adjust your training depending on your dialect and level of fluency.

Students should practice for 20 minutes/day as often as possible. Use the pages with word lists and reading practice repeatedly. Watch the videos and repeat after the speaker. (You may need to enable pop-ups to see the videos.) Get further practice by reading from a newspaper or book to apply the sounds and rules.

On all 500 Words pages, there are links for extra practice: use these links too!

If you are a beginner in English learning, you may need to study only the 500 word lists, as other pages may be too difficult. It is wise to begin your language learning with correct pronunciation.

Study Pages
Week 1
Learn about English pronunciation training.
Study the American English position for R.
Practice R in different positions:
as first letter, in the middle and as a last letter.
Begin work on stress.
R Sounds
R Sounds 500 Words
Syllable Stress
Week 2
Pronounce the L sound clearly.
Begin thinking about intonation (word stress):
how to speak with natural rhythm.
Continue to work on your R sounds.
L Sounds 500 Words
Read about Intonation (Word Stress)
Practice R sounds
Week 3
Study all short vowel sounds:
focus on the short A sounds,
the short I sounds and the sound.
Study the 5 rules of intonation in more detail.
Continue to practice L sounds.
Practice R sounds by reading the passage.
For an easier reading, try: After the Rains.
Short Vowels: 500 Words
Intonation: More Basics
Practice L sounds
Review R sounds: Readings on Refugees
Week 4
Study the long vowel sounds.
Remember that long vowels are actually long:
move your mouth and speak the sounds fully.
Study the American English T sounds:
these are very important to pronunciation.
As you practice the basic T sound,
make sure you speak this at the end of words
when next to another consonant,
as in "act" and "last."
Work on intonation.
Long Vowels: 500 Words
Study T Sounds
T Sounds: 500 Words
Intonation Practice: American Slang

Week 5
Study the 2 sounds of TH.
Practice the 2 sounds of TH
with the 500 words lists.
Continue to work on intonation.
Study TH Sounds
TH Sounds: 500 Words
Intonation Practice: Business Profit

Week 6
Study the 3 sounds of -ed.
Pronounce these sounds at the end of words.
Work on intonation.
Finish intonation work by reading aloud
after listening to the entire video.
-ED sounds
Intonation Practice: Business Heirarchy
Intonation: Business Formality
Week 7
Learn other English pronunciation sounds.
Take the online grammar tests.
See what grammar rules you need to practice.
V and W sounds
S and Z sounds
Take online grammar tests.
Week 8
Study the grammar pages you need.
Review everything with the English evaluation. This includes everyday words with all major English pronunciation rules.
Study grammar as needed.
Practice all English pronunciation rules with the English evaluation.
Continued Practice
Read through the 500 word lists regularly
and take the links to extra practice pages.
Repeat after the videos--
it is better to repeat at least once a week
rather than speak on your own all the time.
Get daily English practice
at English Pronunciation News.
Learn idioms, everyday expressions.
500 Words Lists
English Pronunciation News
Grammar Practice
Learn Idioms

*** If you have not reached your pronunciation goals at the end of this class, do repeat the class. New practice pages are often linked to the pages above. Remember, to change habits of speaking, you need new habits! By practicing pronunciation every day, you give yourself a new habit. Think about the number of years you have spoken English and give yourself a reasonable amount of time to change. ***

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